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Artfully Rogue

Doug Boyd is a metal artist that specializes in creating one-of-a-kind artistic and oftentimes functional metal sculptures, doors, water features, and any other project someone may have in mind. He enjoys creating projects and art that are interactive and that people can touch, move or engage with in some way.

Home & Living

Rain curtain water features provide a visually stunning piece and the calming sound of rain to your workplace, entryway, garden, or courtyard


Life-sized interactive pin art created for a San Francisco technology firm.

Art Sculpture

Public art sculpture commissioned by Downtown Phoenix Inc. The irony that technology (robot) is looking down at an actual book while people walk by looking down at their technology (phones).

About Artfully Rogue

Some of Doug’s most recent work can be seen on the downtown streets of Phoenix, Arizona. Commissioned to create a large sculpture to allow people to interact with art, he created a larger than life robot who sits on a bench while fascinated as he reads a book (pictured below). The robot has become a popular stop for locals and tourist alike who stop and take pictures with him. At night, sitting on Monroe Street, Monro- bot as he has been nicknamed delights as his eyes light up and his heart throbs with a red light.

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