There is just something magical when a thought drifts into the mind. Like a feather in the wind, it drifts aimlessly into the mind where it lightly lands and waits to be seen in more detail. For me, sometimes those creative little fluffs of an idea float into my mind at 3am. From that moment, like a curious child I can’t stop thinking about it. Playing with it. Turning it this way and that. And it begins to grow into an idea. An idea that gets built and taken apart in the mind hundreds times. Figuring out different methods of creating the idea and bringing it to life. Sometimes I stall on the idea because I can’t put my mind around how I would do something. If that goes on for too long, the idea goes onto the back burner of my mind with so many other ideas. Sometimes this thought process happens in the blink of eye and other times I simply can not get back to sleep because the idea has consumed me for the moment and I have to let it run its course.

For me, there really is no greater joy than to bring an idea from the very beginnings of a fluffy little thought into a three dimensional physical existence. It’s exciting, it’s thrilling and it’s scary. Sharing with the world something that came from deep within your mind. You can’t help but take it a little personal when someone doesn’t see it the same way you do. They don’t have the same understanding of the deeper meaning or the process in which it took to bring what they are seeing into existence. However that to is also part of the creative process and part of the challenge. You will not please all of the people all of the time, so don’t waste your time trying. Focus on pleasing you. When you create from the heart and put 100% of your thought and feeling in what you create, be proud and never apologize for your art. Your creativity will feed the souls of those willing to open their minds.