Metal Rain Curtain Water Feature


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Enjoy the sounds of rain anytime you want. The Rain Curtain water feature is constructed of a 20g sheet steel that is bent into 8″ x 8″ columns. Two removable panels inside the columns allow for easy maintenance. All plumbing is industry standard schedule 40 pvc and fittings. The plastic nozzles used to create the rain curtain can easily be removed for maintenance. There is an inline ball valve that allows you to adjust the water flow to the rain curtain. There is also a float valve installed in the water basin that when hooked up directly to an active water source, the water level will automatically fill as needed. 

The standard size water feature is 84″ tall by 42″ wide by 8″ thick. This provides a 26″ rain curtain area between the two 8″ columns. 

Whats included: metal water feature structure, all internal plumbing, 1850 gph direct drive fountain pump, float valve, water catch basin, metal grating, concrete anchors, installation instructions, crating and shipping.

What’s not included: decorative rock, water source, power source, concrete footings, lighting

** Custom sizes are available upon request, however cost may differ based on sized requested. Contact me if you’d like to discuss in further detail.



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